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iCareĀ® BK36 Automatic Digital Blood Pressure Monitor / Digital Sphygmomanometer Small arm cuff 22-32cm

iCareĀ® BK36 Automatic Digital Blood Pressure Monitor / Digital Sphygmomanometer Small arm cuff 22-32cm

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šŸ“¢Ā NotĀ rechargeable;Ā powerĀ withĀ alkalineĀ batteryĀ ORĀ usbĀ cordĀ whileĀ using.Ā 
HuwagĀ gamitinĀ nangĀ sabayĀ angĀ batteryĀ atĀ USBĀ cordĀ šŸ“¢

Product Description:

  • WHO Classification Indicator
  • Voice Broadcast
  • Power Supply: AC Adapter - 00-240V~ 50/60Hz 0.2A Output: 6V 1200mA)
  • Advanced Averaging
  • Two User Mode
  • Irregular Heartbeat Detection
  • 180 Memory Storage
  • Cuff Size: 20-32cm
  • 2 Years Warranty
  • Date/Time Function Display
  • Automatically turn off without any operation after 2 minutes.
  • Measurement Accuracy: Static Pressure:Ā±3mmHg / Pulse:Ā±5%
  • Measuring Range: Pressure: 30-280mmHg 4-37.3kPa / Pulse: 40-199 Beat/min
  • Measurement: Oscillometric Method
  • Operating environment: 5Ā°C to 40Ā°C / 15%-93% RH

Proper Usage of Upper Arm BP Monitor:

  • Wear the arm cuff properly. Place your LEFT arm on the cuff of the BP device.Ā 
  • Add a power supply. You can use the AC Adapter provided or 4 AA Alkaline Batteries.
  • Sit properly and make sure that the arm cuff is on the same level as your heart or chest.
  • Press the Start/Stop button. The BP monitor will now start pumping air into your arm cuff. Remain calm and sit still while taking your blood pressure. Avoid any movement or talking to prevent miscalculations or errors while measuring.
  • You can view your results after a minute. This device is also capable of voice broadcast. It will read the results for you.
  • For more accurate results, it is suggested to measure BP two more times with at least 3 minute interval between each measurement, and then view the average 3x result by pressing on the [MEM] button while the device is off. You will notice an [AVG] icon, it means that the device is currently displaying the average of your latest 3 measurement results.

Nothing is displayed when you push the POWER button or battery icon flash.

No battery was installed.

Insert the batteries.

Worn out battery

Replace batteries.

Batteries were placed incorrectly.

Insert battery in the correct placement.

E0 - No signal detected

Arm with clothes.

Take off sleeves of clothes and measure again.

E1 - Can't normally increase pressure

Check the arm cuff for any air leakage.

Replace arm cuffs with a new one.

E3 - inflate pressure too high

Pressure value of more than 299mmHg

Remeasure or send it back for replacement.

E2/E4 - shaking while measuring.

Hand or body is shaking.

Correct gesture and measure again.

E5 - arm circumference is beyond the measurement range

Please see the specification when measuring arm circumference.



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