About Us

And that mission is to nurture people into a healthier lifestyle. We believe that giving you the best healthcare equipment with the utmost urgency is one of the best ways to achieve it.

iCare and its range of affordable, genuine healthcare products are available for constant care and supervision. Blood pressure monitors, nebulizers and aspirators, wheelchairs, thermometers, health accessories, glucose meters, and medical tests are iCare’s product offerings. Checking blood pressure at home or a handy monitor is always a necessity. iCare’s range of blood pressure monitors to detect an irregular heartbeat, with easy to read indicators, memory storage for two people, time and date records, and automatic power off.

iCare Online means convenience and fuss-free accessibility for patrons, to essential healthcare products. Be it health accessories like shower chair bath seat with padded armrests and back, or ear thermometers, or blood glucose meters in various characteristics and sets. iCare’s online presence has greatly helped patrons to easily access necessary healthcare products and make informed decisions.